Influencing decision-making through social media: Coraline the movie
Posted on: 15/05/2009, by : Laurence Borel

I went to see the truly amazing Coraline 3D at the cinema, with fellow blogger Julie last week.

Had I just seen Coraline posters on the Tube, I probably wouldn’t have considered watching this movie. But here’s the twist; I heard about the movie through social media months ago and eagerly anticipated its release.

Wieden+Kennedy were given the task to reinvent the way you market a movie and created an amazing campaign by coordinating online/offline mass-intrigue and buzz around the film. Here’s the video they created to support the release of Coraline:

This campaign got me thinking about social media and the decision-making process.

If social media influences the decisions people make, then PRs need to influence social media. W+K mastered the art of blogger engagement and managed to get a crowd of bloggers/early adopters excited about the movie months before its release. That’s how WOM should be done!

Let’s take a look at the 4 stages of the decision-making process:

Stage 1: Information
This phase of decision making is the foundation upon which everything gets built. If certain facts, data and events are used as a foundation it will greatly influence the decisions that are made.

Stage 2: Content
The content phase is where perspective, relevance and colour are added to the information to make it clear why someone should be interested and to try and get people interested. This is the role of those in the media and of those in social media.

Stage 3: Conversation
This is where content is discussed, tested, shared and debated. This is where traditional media has struggled and where social media is claiming significant victories.

Stage 4: Decision time
Information, Content and Conversation are what lead to decisions – I actively decided to check out Coraline because of the information, content and social media conversations about Coraline.

Thought? Reactions? The comment box is yours!

3 thoughts on “Influencing decision-making through social media: Coraline the movie

  1. Love it. Kinda like ARG on acid!
    With regard your decision-making process, it’s very similar to the sales funnel model; awareness, evaluation, engagement, conversion, loyalty. Depending on where a particular brand is, the role of the project and communications goals is going to differ slightly. What excites me about social media is that you can think of various ways ‘in’ for each of those stages. Great post and loving the new blog!

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