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I had a bit of an epic journey attempting to travel back to Lyon for the festive season today. I missed my 5AM train to Gatwick, jumped on a taxi and arrived at the airport only to be informed that my Easyjet flight was delayed. Armed with a good book and a very large cup of black coffee, little did I know that my journey would turn into a nightmare. I won’t bore you with all the details (it took me ages to get my suitcase back and I ended up being stranded in Croydon!) but  Easyjet have been doing a tremendous job helping stranded travellers throughout the day via Twitter.

This is a little thank you blog post for being there and sending us the info we couldn’t get from airport staff – keep up the good work folks!

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  2. LilianMahoukou

    EasyJet is a great example of a company focused on customer experience. Twitter accounts like @EasyJetCare are useful ways to have safe trips, by receiving the best information. Do you think it'll definitely challenge call centers in the near future ?

  3. Hey Lilian,

    Thanks for the comment. I don't think Twitter will replace call centres quite yet as the vollume of tweets they received was simply unmanageable and not everything can be dealt with in 140 characters or less.

    Saying that, it was really helpful to have someone from Easyjet answering our tweets providing us with real-time information when no one could get through their call centres.

    Kudos to them from handling the crisis the way they did!

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