Fred Perry wants your story
Posted on: 28/03/2010, by : Laurence Borel

My friend Matteo recently spotted an interesting Fred Perry social media campaign and being a huge fan of the brand, asked me if he could do a guest post about this initiative on my blog. We’re still in the middle of #bemyguest (check out my blog swap buddy, Michelle Chmielewski’s vlog right here), so I figured “why not, huh?”

By Matteo Starri

The above photo is Matteo’s very own submission. Read his story here

I recently got an update from one of the few newsletters I enjoy receiving, with a very catchy subject: “Fred Perry – Tell Us Your Story – £5,000 Prize”. Not bad, uh?

It is, as far as I am aware, their first attempt at trying to engage with their online audience. They have been running competitions for a while now, with prizes usually including tickets to “private” gigs, customized scooters, and of course items from their collections.

This time they are asking their audience to upload pictures and videos to their new micro-site The format is simple: you submit you image/video of yourself wearing some of their clothes, and you add a short stories about your submission. Visitors to the site vote for the picture/story combination they like the most for this to win a monthly prize and 4 final cash prizes.

Despite the pretty standard format, there are a few points that make me think this is going to be a great success for them.

First of all Fred Perry is a renowned brand, fair to say mainstream, but also very niche at the same time. The reason for this is British sub-cultures often associated to Fred Perry as a “fashion statement”: Mods, Punks, Rude Boys, Skinheads, BritPop and Indie fans all over the world have proudly been wearing their items throughout the last 50-60 years. At Fred Perry they also had several limited edition collections designed with iconic figures within these sub-cultures, such as Paul Weller and The Specials.

Customers are usually very loyal fans of the brand, and are likely to promote it by word of mouth. To these people, sharing their stories is likely to be a pleasure. Moreover, fans are getting more and more tech and web savvy. It is easier now to learn about the sub-cultures, have access to the music that mark them, learn about the background, the movies, and of course the fashion.

The competition is helping the brand having the micro-site promoted on Social Networks by word of mouth, with contestants able to share their entries with their friends directly from within their story page. Unfortunately, interaction does not go any further than this: there is no way of interacting with competitors…

Fancy telling them your story? You can do so right here.


Key take-outs:

  • Fred Perry is not a brand I know an awful lot about and I’ve been directly exposed to their brands thanks to Matteo
  • I’ve actually taken the time to explore the Fred Perry website and products and will check out their products next time I am out shopping
  • Matteo and his girlfriend, Gioia have created a Facebook Group to tell their network about the competition. Between the two of them, they have 1200 friends who have potentially been exposed to the Fred Perry branding
  • When voting, you’ll be asked to enter your email address and can opt in to receive their newsletter,  a nice an easy way of increasing the number of customers exposed to your marketing messages (should they choose to open your newsletter that is)

5 thoughts on “Fred Perry wants your story

  1. Nice way to engage people are already fan of this brand with great storytelling. Not really able to engage new possible fan anyway.
    Other brand as Burberry, G-Star find a way to create a community of fan and microcommunity of future fan, interested by the universe they propose.

    But maybe is nice choise for FredPerry that talk already to some different offline communities .


  2. Hey Lolly, thanks for having me. I think the most interesting thing in this campaign is the mixture of new technologies, new media, and “old stories”, which you don’t see often around. If you check some of the pictures from the 70s or the 80s, they’re just uber-cool…

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