Mercedes-Benz does #LFW: fashionable content curation
Posted on: 03/03/2011, by : Laurence Borel

With modern web technologies everyone can be a content creator. This onslaught of content gives consumers more choices than ever, making it increasingly difficult to find the best content for a specific interest or need.

I’ve been determined not to miss this season’s London Fashion Week, but quickly realised that trying to keep on top of the #LFW hashtag is virtually impossible. There are simply too many sources to choose from. But I found the help I needed in the app store.

Mercedes-Benz launched last year (I think)  a very cool app which pulls in videos and tweets, and behind the scenes content from a number of influential New Media ‘Voices’ (LibertyLondonGirl, MelleRobot, Fashion156) and Old Media (Vogue, Elle, Hapers Bazaar, Marie Claire) sources.

To see such great and full coverage of London Fashion Week all in one place is simply an outstanding use of content curation.

Whilst I wanted to focus on the content curation aspect of the app in this post, I just wanted to point out that Mercedez-Benz have also created a Voices oF Fashion blog and Facebook Page where you can keep up with the latest catwalk gossip.

A nicely executed 360 campaign.

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