Love Love cats? Say hello to (the rise of mobile photo sharing)
Posted on: 04/04/2011, by : Laurence Borel

According to *a number* of digital PROs, 50% of the internet is made up of cats and the other 50% of something else I can’t mention on here otherwise my blog will be spammed  forever!


@adverplanner and @sydlawrence have created which essentially pulls all pictures uploaded on intagram tagged #cat. If you’re not keen on cat (but who wouldn’t though) you can also search for other hashtags.

It’s the first use of instagram outside the mobile platform I’ve spotted so far, and a very clever one indeed. The result: 2199 page views, 677 easter eggs found, time spent on site: 28 hours (Saturday 2nd April). Now that’s what I call Return on Attention!

Techcrunch have just announced that Instagram have acquired 3 million users in just under 6 months and it looks like mobile photo sharing as a whole is growing significantly; think Color. picplz, or demo instagram. A handful of early adopter brands such as FordEU or Starbucks have already joined the site and are sharing behind the scenes photos with their followers.

Remember the old adage, a picture is worth a 1000 words…


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