Using social content to drive sales through search
Posted on: 12/07/2011, by : Laurence Borel

There’s a very wrong assumption floating around the heads of many CMO’s and small business owners alike, that having a Facebook page and Twitter profile is enough, because social media is this new and wonderful thing which is going ‘to do wonders’ for your brand.

I am sure we’ve all had clients who have asked for thousands of fans and followers, as quickly as possible without any content, or budget to create content. Needless to say, it doesn’t quite work that way. Why? Because people have no reason to learn about the brand and its story.

Having a brand presence on the major social platforms is both essential and a step in the right direction, but it means nothing without a well-planned content strategy. Brands can’t expect people to engage with them if they have no added value to say or share.

Content – Consumer Engagement – Traffic (referrals and search) – sale

Content stimulates consumer engagement, which in turn generate traffic and leads to sales.

Say for instance, that French Connection creates a digital PR strategy to promote the trend of the season, stripy tops.

1) French Connection provides SEO optimised pictures tagged ‘stripy summer top’
2) Bloggers write about the tops ‘ Trend alert – French Connection’s summer stripy top’
3) The content both the picture and blog post get picked up by Google crawlers
4) The content starts appearing on the first page of search engines and image search thus sending traffic onto the French Connection website.

So the primary goal for brands is to understand what people are searching for, to ensure that relevant content appears in search engines. By offering consumers the content they want they’ll engage and share your content within their social networks in return.

Now that Google has started integrating social listening into it search algorithms, the need for creating engaging content is even greater, and your vehicle in sharing that story is through the content you produce.

And wouldn’t it be amazing if that content ended up on the first page of Google?

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