Klout Perks targeting fail – Axe Hold + Touch
Posted on: 21/09/2011, by : Laurence Borel

Klout perks offer an interesting platform for rewarding influencers by vertical, and has so far been primarily used by US brands. I couldn’t contain my excitement the other day, when a perk landed right in my inbox. ‘Great’ I thought, UK brands are finally jumping on the Klout bandwagon. But this is where things started to go wrong…


I like the 5 looks guys and girls can agree on (link at the bottom on the perk) Funny or Die partnership , however, last time I checked, I am a girl. Based on my Facebook API, I would have thought that Klout would have been able differentiate males from females.

And this is where things went horribly wrong…


The perk is for US residents only. Now correct me if I am wrong – Klout accesses the Twitter API, and my location is set as London. As ‘the standard for influence’, I would expect Klout to excel at geo-targeting. I don’t know about you, but if I were the client I wouldn’t be particularly impressed.


What are your thoughts on Klout perks? Does it add marketing value to brand or is it just a gimmick?

2 thoughts on “Klout Perks targeting fail – Axe Hold + Touch

  1. Lolly,
    In theory the API should have all that information. This sounds like someone royally messed up. I don’t know who ran this campaign for axe but this supports the stance of how detrimental a poor social experience can be for your users.
    Nice write up!

  2. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the comment! That definitely was a huge fail which is not going to inspire much confidence to UK agencies interested in signing up in the service…

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