Blogfest 2011 – Topshop’s smart Tumblr strategy
Posted on: 27/10/2011, by : Laurence Borel

Here is at long last, my first entry for the Bathroom Blogfest 2011 on how Topshop uses to Tumblr to ‘climb out’. I do promise I’ll put up a bathroom related post tomorrow for fun though! Here we go!

Brands have embraced social media as a means to ‘climb out’ and ‘hang out’ with their fans on social networks. Some brands do it well, others have had their fails…  I’ve been in working in the social industry for a few years now, and I’ve seen the industry evolve over the years. But my biggest frustration in 2011, is that a lot of brands are in still broadcast mode, and focus too much on Twitter and Facebook.

Saying that, some brands do social well, and I’ve been super impressed with Topshop’s Tumblr strategy. Fashion brands and bloggers heart Tumblr  as the platform’s simplicity makes content discovery easy (you can follow blogs and see their posts in your stream) and incredibly shareable with the reblog button.

There are a number of American fashion brands successfully using Tumblr such as  Oscar PR Girl and DKNY PR Girl both early adopters of the platform. However, for whatever reason, UK brands are playing catch up… Until Topshop finally launched their marvellous new Tumblr that is.

Whilst Oscar PR Girl and DKNY PR Girl both do a fantastic job at providing fashion Tumblerers (?!) with behind the scenes content, both Tumblrs remain a little too controlled, in a ‘let’s avoid other brands as much as we possible’ can kind of way. I don’t blame them; why would you blog about competitor brands!

But Interestingly Toshop have done quite the opposite, by curating a mouth-watering street-style feed; they’re reblogging styles found of Tumblr and snapping away customers in their store, whilst connecting with influential fashion influencers who use the platform.

TheirTumblr allows them  to drive traffic onto dedicated sections of their website whilst still maintaining interesting levels of engagement with their followers. And they can also measure the amount of traffic and sales resulting from social.

Well played Toshop!

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  1. Lolly, how fascinating! Thanks for sharing TopShop’s Tumblr strategy. I love coming across examples such as this…

    Happy Bathroom Blogfest 2011!


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