A few social, search and mobile trends for 2012
Posted on: 03/01/2012, by : Laurence Borel


I am not usually a big fan of prediction posts, particularly when it comes to social, but recently spotted a handful of predictions by industry experts worth mentioning.


Without further ado, here are a handful interesting social, search and mobile trends for 2012. These 3 disciplines are inextricably interlinked, yet too often siloed, so I figured I would sum them all up in one post.




I spotted an interesting thread on Quora earlier today  with some interesting comments. The key points for me from this thread are:

Higher expectations for social media performance

Companies who have been doing social for a while need to improve their social efforts, and most importantly start measuring social more. Traffic and referrals are measurable, and companies should start talking to their e-commerce and analytics colleagues a little bit more. Maybe have a chat with your email marketing colleagues too… and benchmark.


Like, Follow, + 1 = Social Media burnout

I’ve said it before; engagement across different platforms must be compelling if users are to return. Try to understand who your followers are: with the new Facebook Analytics, you can easily take a deep dive into what make your fan base tick. As far as Twitter is concerned, invest in a tool such as .Schmap to understand who your followers are and start analysing what type of content that gets shared to redirect traffic to your site. Use niche platforms such as Instagram or Tumblr for those key influencers who crave new, exclusive content. In a nutshell, strategise and keep your messages compelling.



Phil Barrett, Senior Digital Director at Research in Motion also recently published 9 interesting mobile trends for 2012.

The key take out for me, is that HTML5 will take over apps. Why have an app when you can have your content across all devices for a lower cost? At least this solves the Apple/Adobe tiff! 😉



Finally, I tweeted an article from Econsultancy this morning about 2012 search predictions. In my opinion, social specialists need to start to understand SEO/Search and gain a basic understanding of Google algorithms. And vice versa.

All experts mentioned in the article mention social search and social signals: SEO will by the end of 2012 be heavily focused to getting your content shared rather than linked to, adds Teddie Cowell towards the end of the article.

I was talking to my colleague @turgayakar, SEO Client Manager, about this today, who explained in plain English, how Google has evolved with social over the years.

Google has been changing the algo since 2005 by introducing, universal search i.e. images, videos, local results etc, however what they failed at, was social signals. At first they wanted to work with Facebook, but Facebook didn’t like the idea.
They then introduced Twitter but slowly realised it spammed way more than normal links, and now there’s even promoted Tweets, which have the potential of spamming even more!
The way I see is, Google will always care for normal links, however with Google+, they are learning from their mistakes, and slowly introducing something out of it. That’s why we need to pay more attention to Google+. i think by end of 2012, Google+ will be more popular, and could be the number 1 ranking signal if people use it more.


Feel free to add your own search, social or mobile predictions in the comments!



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