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Highly recommended WordPress malware removal tool

I had a bit of a nightmare week-end with my website, when I accidentally deleted my blog database (big thanks to my kick arse host, Hostgator for fixing my site in less than no time) followed my an email from Uygar mentioning that my site had been infected.


I can’t even fix my own database myself, so let’s not even think about malware removal!  After a quick Googling, I found, an awesome Malware removal tool. For $89.99 per year, they’ll check your site regularly for malwares and will clean up the mess. Which is exactly what they did for me remotely in less than 24 hours, and submitted my site for Google Blacklist status review. Even if you use the service once, it’s totally worth the money.

You can scan your website for free here and sign up there.

Thanks again for fixing my site Sucuri Security!

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3 Comments to "Highly recommended WordPress malware removal tool"

  1. iPhone User says:

    Really nice article it help me alot as my own site get malware

  2. Null says:

    $89.99! hahahaha no way!

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