Spotlight on an excellent example of eCRM strategy
Posted on: 11/11/2012, by : Laurence Borel

In their recent Love letter to, eConsultancy highlighted how great Tate’s site structure and content is. But the other thing they excel at, is their eCRM strategy. I follow Tate on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (you can call me a superfan!), and as a Tate member, I also receive their email marketing communications.

I have to confess that their emails to date has left me luke warm; the newsletters were functional, providing information (sometimes too much) about the latest exhibitions and news with no real call to action or engagement.

But recently, it seems that their email strategy has drastically improved from being a ‘just  a newsletter’, to becoming a full fledged eCRM/relationship building tool.

I went to the Pre-Raphaelites exhibition at the Tate Britain yesterday, and received the below email this morning asking about my visit.

I have been a Tate Member for a little while, and it is the first time I receive such email. It looks as though are making excellent use of the data stored on the members card, and this instance in a very timely manner. They are going one step further by asking me to share my opinion of the exhibition via my social channels. I am a firm believer that email combined with social can be very powerful indeed, and Tate are demonstrating just that.


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