Social Media and Consumer Behaviour: 5 significant academic articles
Posted on: 05/12/2012, by : Laurence Borel

I only started my MRes in October, yet the term is already over. The term is short (8 weeks in total), the lectures are intense but thoroughly enjoyable. I am learning to cram as much information as humanely possible in the short amount of time I have to study; my evenings are filled with shortlisting and annotating articles, and I work on my research at the weekend.

Being faced with a database for the first time in your life is a daunting process, especially as academic researchers do not necessarily use the same terminology as us, professionals, do. In the spirit of helping out future researchers in their endeavours, here are my 5 favourite, and most useful articles to date in the field of social media and consumer behaviour:

Joel E. Urbany, Peter R. Dickson and William L. Wilkie (1989), Buyer Uncertainty and Information Search,  Journal of Consumer Research, Vol. 16, No. 2 (Sep., 1989), pp. 208-215

Lisa R. KleinGary T. Ford (2003), Consumer Search for Information in the Digital Age: an empirical study of pre-purchase search for automobiles, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Volume 17, Issue 3, pages 29-49, Summer 2003

Samer, F, Sirkka L. J, and Ann Majchrzak (2011), Knowledge Collaboration in Online Communities, Organization Science, September-October 2011, p. 1224-1239

Laroche, M (2009), New Developments in modelling Internet Consumer Behaviour, Journal of Business Research, July 2009, pages 915-918

Adjei, M. T, Noble S. M, Noble C. H (2010), The Influence of C2C communications in online brand communities on purchase behavior, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, October 2010, Volume 38, Issue 5,  pp 634-653

And as my ambitions evolve I am now discovering a community of academics and PhD students who are there to help. Believe me or not,  getting into a PhD is much harder than getting a job!


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