Why MoMa acquired Pac-Man – TED talk
Posted on: 20/07/2013, by : Laurence Borel
Pac-Man MoMa

Things have been quiet on my blog lately as I been extremely busy with my studies, and have had no spare time on my hands to blog. I have started working on my proposal which is very exciting. I should be able to share more info about my research topic in the coming weeks.

Designers do not aspire to be artists, designers aspire to be great designers

I came across this TED video Paola Antonelli on TED explaining why MoMa acquired Pac-Man as well as a number of other video games from the past decades. As an art lover, I tend to sit on the fence who thinks that video-games are not art but I fully appreciated her point about design, and interaction design and the role these games have played, and still play in pop culture. The key thing for me is that they’re acquiring a code, thus preserving the games’ legacy.

Thumbnail image via moma.org

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