Symantec report shows that mobile and Social Media vulnerabilities are on the increase

Security software company Symantec recently published a couple of interesting infographics and whitepapers highlighting an increase in online vulnerabilities particularly in social Media and Mobile. According to Symantec, an alarming 53% of scanned websites in 2012 contained a vulnerability, which happened to me last year

I was a Norton anti-virus  user for many before I switched to Mac computers (I’d like to think that Macs are safe… for now anyway), and I would recommend Android users to download Symantec’s Mobile Security App. Better safe than sorries, especially as all our devices are interconnected nowadays.

You can download the whitepapers and view the infographics here (part 1) and here (part 2)

Website Security The Most Important Trends from 2012 - Infographic Part 2

From Symantec Website Security Solutions

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