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Bloggers vs. PRs series: Under the skin of Beauty Bloggers

As part of my ongoing social media work with Ford of Britain, I’ve recently had the opportunity to work, and meet in the flesh a few top UK beauty and fashion bloggers. I am very conscious that relationships between PRs and bloggers are tense, and PR fails such as the Bangs and a Bun affair […]

What’s an influencer anyway?

Is online influence based on someone’s level of expertise and the respect they had within their community? Is it a numbers game i.e. someone who’s well connected online through their blog, Facebook and Twitter following? Or is someone who has a different way of thinking, a different way of expressing themselves? INFLUENCERS is a short […]

How to reclaim/consolidate a Facebook Fan Page

Now that you’ve successfully reclaimed that cybersquatted Twitter account, your client wants you to set up a fan page for the brand. After doing a quick search on Facebook, you noticed that fans have set up a number of fan pages impersonating the brand, a breach of Facebook’s terms and conditions. Scenario #1: If you […]

How to reclaim a cybersquatted Twitter account

Here’s something that might come in handy at some point or another in your social media career. Your client wants to set up a Twitter account, but someone else has already taken their chosen handle. You can reclaim this Twitter handle provided the cybersquatted profile has been inactive for more than 9 months, and Twitter […]

So what’s the Kindle like then?

Amazon recently announced that their Kindle e-books are they are outselling hardback books for the first time. If you had asked me a couple of years ago whether I would buy an e-book reader I would probably have said ‘no way!’ Reading a book is a pleasurable experience; the smell of the book, inspiring artwork […]

Ford Kuga painted by artist Popbang Colour

Picture via Ford Kuga on Flickr When I started working on the Ford account, a fellow PR practitioner told me: ‘check out what they’re doing in the States. They’ll be up for doing lots of cool online things.’ As it turns out this person was right… After taking a handful of bloggers to take part […]

Kit Kat’s genius online PR stunt

An excellent example of less is more… daring but it worked brilliantly in the Netherlands where 45% of the population are not religious. Via

Coach Poppy Project

Coach are no strangers to social media, having accumulated an impressive fan base on Facebook and Twitter, and a small army of bloggers who frequently write about their products and campaigns. Their latest social media experiment, The Coach Poppy Project, is by far the smartest thing I’ve seen in social media year, and I am […]

One Day Project: 3 iPhone developers, 3 games, just $100

With over 90,000 apps in the App store, getting your app noticed can be a bit of challenge. So the 3 developers at Tiny White Tribe decided to add a little excitment in the whole marketing of their app, and came up with One Day Project (ODP) concept. They spent the $100 on essentials such […]

Foursquare: A Missed Opportunity for Businesses in London

This is a guest post written by my good friend and fellow Social Media practitioner @GuillaumeFoutry Foursquare, the location based social game, has taken over the social media world.  Given that, you would think that businesses in London – the Twitter capital of the world and a European technological hub – would jump on the […]

Ford Kuga does Social Media

My day time job has kept me busy over the past couple of weeks hence the lack of blogging and Twittering… I’ve recently started working on the Ford of Britain account, and we’ve been busy plotting internet domination for the Ford brand… well kinda We kicked things off by inviting a few bloggers to the […]

Retro alert: PES stop motion videos

These amazing retro videos (gotta love PacMan’s Game Over) were created by New York  based stop motion artist Adam Pesapane, more commonly known on YouTube as PES. Game Over The idea of Game Over was to take something electronic and remake it by hand. Read PES’s interview about Game Over right here. Western Spaghetti My […]

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