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#Socialnomics 2014

I haven’t seen a social media stats video in a while, and #Socialnomics2014 is pretty cool. Below is a witty review from Rax who originally shared this vid.  Just try not to spot the misplaced / missing apostrophes. #Socialnomics 2014 Video from Erik Qualman on Vimeo.

Using hashtags in videos: 4 best practice tips

In the early days of social media, video marketing was usually done on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Brands would simply upload their ads online and consumers would happily share them within their network. But for the past couple of years, brands have increasingly been including hashtags in their advertisements. According to a recent infographic […]

Living with dyscalculia

I am dyscalculic… I feel the need to talk about my dyscalculia as I have set myself the challenge of working on a quantitative piece of research as part of my MRes and having to do maths/stats has opened up a few old wounds. Dyscalculia is defined by the British Dyslexia Association as a condition that affects […]

Book Review: Unconscious Branding by Douglas Van Praet

The lovely folks at palgrave macmillan have supplied me with a 20% off promo code. Head to to palgrave macmillan website to redeem by entering  WORLDPALGRAVE20 at check out. Here’s the link to buy Unconscious Branding.   Overview Unconscious Branding by Douglas van Praet, the man behind some of the most iconic advertising campaigns for companies […]

Tipspit: community-curated tips

I was recently approached a cool new website called  Tipspit to contribute to a tip for their newly launched platform. Tipspit in a nutshell, is a community-curated tips collection. You can think of it as a 140-characters Quora-type platform to a certain extent. Tipspit is the brainchild of renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist Rocky Mirza, and aims to […]

‘Resurgence – the 4 stages of market-focussed reinvention’ book review

The lovely folks at palgrave macmillan have supplied me with a 20% off promo code. Head to to palgrave macmillan website to redeem by entering  WORLDPALGRAVE20 at check out. Here’s the link to buy Resurgence: the 4 stages of market-focussed reinvention.   Gregory S. Carpenter, Gary F. Gebhardt, John F. Sherry, ‘Resurgence – the 4 stages of […]

Steve McKee’s ‘Power Branding’ book review (and a discount code)

The lovely folks at Palgrave Macmillan have recently sent me a few branding books to review for my site. The timing is perfect as I will be starting my final module at Birkbeck, Brand Management in the next few weeks. Here’s my first book review. Power Branding – Steve McKee Overview:  Steve McKee president of one […]

Vine as an extension of brands’ TV advertising

I  have to say that I have always struggled with Vine. The platform doesn’t quite rock my boat, I have to admit. But it seems that some cool brands, have embraced the platform going as far as creating ads made from 6 seconds videos. But I have recently noticed that Brands are increasingly using Vine […]

Interview with Tim Halloran, author of Romancing the Brand

Creating a consumer-brand emotional attachment is by no means an easy task.  In his new book, Romancing the Brand, Tim Halloran, discusses how brands can create strong and intimate relationships with consumers. Through his research,  Halloran has uncovered “8 Stages of Brand Love”                                 […]

Favourite ads and Tweets from the SuperBowl XLVIII

OK, OK, I am late to the game, pun intended! My research writing and freelance commitments have left zero time for me to blog. But as last year’s Super Bowl inspired my hashtag research, I simply cannot miss the opportunity to blog about what caught my eye this year. It all started with Scarlett Johansson asking […]

ArtRage at CES 2014

  Do like art? Are you going to CES this year? ArtRage, the award-winning creator of realistic art painting software for Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone , will be at CES 2014 at the Sony Booth LVCC #14200. Prominent artists David Kassan and Donovan Fitzgerald will perform live paintings on Sony touch screens with active pen in the Sony […]

6 typologies of hashtags seen in 2013

The integration of hashtags in advertising is a recent phenomenon. A study during the February 2013 Super Bowl XLVII carried out by buzz monitoring firm Sysomos, showed that half of the 47 commercials broadcast during the event contained a hashtag or had a reference to social media of some sort, a considerable increase from the […]

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