Vintage Weetabix

A trip down memory lane; The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

As part of my MRes coursework, I recently visited the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising, located in a cobbled mews in the heart of Notting Hill. The museum was established by Robert Opie, a compulsive collector whose fascination with everyday things began on a railway station platform. He was eating a packet of Munchies […]


Your help needed for a research project!

I still find it hard to believe I only started university four weeks ago, yet I handed in my first research proposal last Friday. Although we’re only talking about a 5,000 words dissertation, this piece of research is helping me shape ideas and topics for my thesis. For my first research project, I am looking […]

Listerine YouTube takeover

Listerine’s ‘rapping chins’ YouTube takeover

I haven’t seen a good YouTube takeover in a while, and Listerine (as in the mouthwash), have recently come up with a really smart YouTube/Twitter campaign. Listerine have created a series of videos where rapping (as in rap music) chins (as in the lowermost part of the face!) battle it out online. Simply select two […]


That little thing we call engagement

That dreaded E word, yes that’s right folks, I am talking about engagement. Clients love it, but true engagement of the non-gimmicky type is hard to create. There have been a couple instances of late, where brands’ attempts to generate engagement have backlashed. Waitrose’s promoted #WaitroseReasons campaign didn’t quite yield the engagement they expected, and Jamie’s #Jamies15MM […]

Louvre Bouteille Paris

Cool Parisian Store Fronts

Honoré de Balzac  once wrote ‘Les devantures de boutiques sont devenues des poèmes commerciaux’ (1837) Store fronts have become commercial poems. I spotted these absolutely gorgeous store fronts in Paris, which immediately stood out from the mass-market world we’ve all become accustomed to. I’ll do my very best to translate their meaning in English. Louvre Bouteille […]