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Is she you?

Does anyone know anything about this? It’s going viral…

A year since Londoners danced; T-Mobile’s new advert

2010 is already proving to be an interesting year in terms of Social Media; I clicked for the first time on a Facebook ad the other day, and I am now responding  to a mass mail out from T-Mobile’s YouTube channel, which I subscribe to. It’s exactly a year since Londoners danced at Liverpool Street […]

Relationship status – it’s complicated

Here are a few questions I’d like you to answer… Have you ever ‘liked’ a Facebook advert? Have you ever clicked on a Facebook advert? Have you ever blogged about a Facebook advert? If you’ve answered ‘no’ to these questions then we’re not dissimilar. Except, today I am blogging about a Facebook advert for the […]

La main la plus sexy du monde

AKA the sexiest hand in the world, is a revamped commercial for Perrier, which originally aired on our screens in the 1970s and was censured for being too saucy. The ‘new’ advert is generating a nice bit of buzz at the moment, combining both traditional advertising, and a digital campaign which includes a dedicated micro-site […]

California’s Calling

You might have recently seen a star-studded ad promoting California Tourism on TV, I am indeed talking about the one with Arnie, Ugly Betty’s Vanessa Williams and Becks. Because we live in a 2.0 world, the folks at California Tourism have decided to organise a UK-wide YouTube audition to find the next person who will […]

IPod Nano video commercial – Sept 2009

Apple always picking the cool tunes for their commercials. I really like (as always) their latest Ipod Nano video ad. Playful soundtrack Bourgeois Shangri-La by Miss Li & Amanda Jenssen

Toi, moi et Paris

I went to Paris for the first time in my life last week-end, and had a fantastic time catching up with a few friends in the French capital. The Comité Régional du Tourisme of Paris Ile-de-France have recently launched their “Toi, moi et Paris” European campaign, and have asked a number of bloggers to share […]

The Socialisation of TV Advertising

TV is becoming increasingly social. As Neil points out, Twitter went into complete overdrive over the X-Factor last Sunday following Lucie Jones’ shock eviction, with 8 out of the top 10 Twitter trending topics being X-Factor related*. I got rid of my TV when I moved in my flat last year; my flat is on […]

Get Real, Get a Prescription – Pfizer’s shocking TV ad

Recent research by healthcare company Pfizer shows that more than one in seven British adults surveyed (15%) has admitted to bypassing the healthcare system to get hold of prescription only medicine without a prescription. This is a shocking trend as fake medicines purchased online can contain harmful ingredients such as rat poison3 and can cause […] – seriously clever!

Now, this is THE best online promotion I’ve seen in absolutely ages. I stumbled upon a micro-site yesterday called; the site does what it says on the tin i.e. pokes fun at the Royal Mail strike. The game is simple: throw as many envelopes as you can in the van to help get rid […]

This Time it’s Personal: It’s You (is it really?)

Does anyone understand the meaning Yahoo!’s latest advertising campaign ‘This Time it’s Personal: It’s You!’? After a little Googling (ooo the irony!), I found out that this campaign is in fact supporting Yahoo!’s new search format which now features a new left column that allows users to filter results, but also to include notes in […]

Possibly the weirdest ad I’ve seen in a while

I really don’t get this print ad For Dixons that’s been placarded everywhere on the Tube Are they basically saying, go and take a look at the plasma screens at Selfridges, the most fashionable department store on Oxford Street, and then head off to Dixons, the ugly, unfashionable store to buy said plasma screen? This […]

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