Listerine YouTube takeover

Listerine’s ‘rapping chins’ YouTube takeover

I haven’t seen a good YouTube takeover in a while, and Listerine (as in the mouthwash), have recently come up with a really smart YouTube/Twitter campaign. Listerine have created a series of videos where rapping (as in rap music) chins (as in the lowermost part of the face!) battle it out online. Simply select two […]


That little thing we call engagement

That dreaded E word, yes that’s right folks, I am talking about engagement. Clients love it, but true engagement of the non-gimmicky type is hard to create. There have been a couple instances of late, where brands’ attempts to generate engagement have backlashed. Waitrose’s promoted #WaitroseReasons campaign didn’t quite yield the engagement they expected, and Jamie’s #Jamies15MM […]

Louvre Bouteille Paris

Cool Parisian Store Fronts

Honoré de Balzac  once wrote ‘Les devantures de boutiques sont devenues des poèmes commerciaux’ (1837) Store fronts have become commercial poems. I spotted these absolutely gorgeous store fronts in Paris, which immediately stood out from the mass-market world we’ve all become accustomed to. I’ll do my very best to translate their meaning in English. Louvre Bouteille […]

Screen Shot 2012-01-15 at 21.04.57

Heinz Limited Edition tins

I spotted those unusual tins of Heinz soup in Selfridges the other day, and whilst the packaging is iconic, the messaging is definitely unusual!         Following their limited edition ketchup last year, Heinz are  toying with social commerce again, by giving fans the opportunity to send a personalised tin of Heinz soup […]

Screen Shot 2011-11-08 at 21.25.13

Ryanair Italy puts Berlusconi on its homepage…

As the economic crisis grips Europe, it  sadly appears that Italy is also in serious trouble financially. Italy is a country close to my heart and the situation is no laughing matter. But sometimes, you need to have a laugh, right? My good friend Sergio has just pointed me in the direction of Ryanair’s Italian homepage poking […]