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18th April 2007

Qualitative Research 2.0

  Z-listers have been meeting up on this side of the pond! I recently hooked up with Reshma Anand of the Qualitative Research blog, and we shared our ideas on the future of Qualitative Research. 1) Scary Technology Qualitative Research is an exciting discipline that hasn’t reached its full potential yet. A lot of researchers […]

Seth Godin, Advertising and Fashion Faux-Pas

  Seth Godin says that companies should spent an enormous amount of their time and budget to focus on becoming ‘the’. I say that companies should stop using so much in advertisements the pronoun ‘you’. That would be a fashion faux-pas.

Is it the end of blogs?

  I stumbled across a rather interesting article published in ‘Echos’, the famous French financial paper, on December 18th. A report by Gartner seems to suggest that blogging may be a thing of the past, sooner rather than later! The original article (in French) can be found here. Here are few figures to illustrate Gartner’s […]

Blogging update

        Three months into blogging and I am already hooked! I guess I pretty much managed to stick to my original ‘mission statement’ – to blog about marketing, share my views and encourage fellow bloggers to take part in the debate.   Blogging so far has been a fantastic experience that made […]

Bloggers’ chance to make history

Tomorrow might be just another day for most of us but it will become a lasting piece of history on the Net. Computer users are invited to upload their diaries, which could include their commute to work or thoughts on a film. The campaign backed by the national trust and English Heritage wants to create […]

Have I got news for you

     The Internet has on the one hand brought people closer with softwares such as Skype or MSN Messenger where you can talk to someone on the other side of the world for free, however I find the increasing number of so called ‘social sites’ or online dating sites  rather worrying… People now find friends […]

All that glitters is not gold – thoughts on Web 2.0

As a blogger and member of so-called on-line communities, it made sense to give my opinion on Web 2.0. Some people seem to be overexcited with Web 2.0 offerings. I agree that networking and user-generated content is a brilliant idea but only as long as everything is under control. But what is Web 2.0 all about?  […]

Blogging mania or the art of selling yourself on the Internet

Dear fellow bloggers, Everybody is talking about it, everybody is doing it, blogs have taken the world by storm. I am hardly an early adopter when it comes down to blogging but some of the success stories we hear about in the press simply amaze me. A short definition to start off with… Blogs according […]

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