Fashion and QR codes – a match made in heaven

With increased hype and discussions, QR codes usage is moving past its early adopter phase in the UK, or at least it it seems. While QR codes are popping up with greater frequency on marketing materials, ads and other surfaces, much of the population still doesn’t know what they are or how to use them. […]

The fashionable rise of Tumblr and Instagram

I’ve changed my mind about Tumblr. Two years ago, I left Tumblr for Posterous, but it seems that Tumblr has made an interesting come back in recent weeks; it’s simple to use, customizable (oh Posterous, your templates are too clinical for my liking), fun (reblogging this, reblogging that!) with a strong sense of community making […]

Mercedes-Benz does #LFW: fashionable content curation

With modern web technologies everyone can be a content creator. This onslaught of content gives consumers more choices than ever, making it increasingly difficult to find the best content for a specific interest or need. I’ve been determined not to miss this season’s London Fashion Week, but quickly realised that trying to keep on top […]

Pimp your Facebook profile with Swcheppes’ nifty Facebook app

When Facebook rolled out the new profile layout last month, users were quick at showing off some serious creativity by taking advantage of the new layout; Mashable have a nifty Facebook profile gallery right here. I sadly have no Photoshop skills whatsoever, but Dutch Agency Super Social have created a really cool pimp your Facebook […]

Best automotive Social Media campaigns of 2010

It’s that time of the year again, where I’ll be taking a look at the most exciting automotive campaigns of 2010. Toyota Conversations – Crisis Management Back in March, Toyota delt with negative backlash from the massive safety recalls of its vehicles. The Japanese auto giant launched a branded channel on TweetMeme in partnership with […]