Back to basics

Here’s a presentation I put together for training purposes a little while back. I feel as though my obsession with getting coverage and links has somehow gotten in the way of what really matters – conversations and enabling relationships; let’s go back to basics, shall we?

Bloggers vs. PRs series: Under the skin of The Style PA

I recently met the lovely Jenny Hayden aka The Style PA as part of my Ford Ka / TONI&GUY Discover a Style you’ll Love activity (more about this soon!) Jenny agreed to answer a few questions for my Blogger vs. PRs series (you can read the first instalment with London Beauty Review is here); PRs […]

Bloggers vs. PRs series: Under the skin of Beauty Bloggers

As part of my ongoing social media work with Ford of Britain, I’ve recently had the opportunity to work, and meet in the flesh a few top UK beauty and fashion bloggers. I am very conscious that relationships between PRs and bloggers are tense, and PR fails such as the Bangs and a Bun affair […]

Facebook Fan Page logo

How to reclaim/consolidate a Facebook Fan Page

Now that you’ve successfully reclaimed that cybersquatted Twitter account, your client wants you to set up a fan page for the brand. After doing a quick search on Facebook, you noticed that fans have set up a number of fan pages impersonating the brand, a breach of Facebook’s terms and conditions. Scenario #1: If you […]

How to reclaim a cybersquatted Twitter account

Here’s something that might come in handy at some point or another in your social media career. Your client wants to set up a Twitter account, but someone else has already taken their chosen handle. You can reclaim this Twitter handle provided the cybersquatted profile has been inactive for more than 9 months, and Twitter […]