Tipspit: community-curated tips

I was recently approached a cool new website called  Tipspit to contribute to a tip for their newly launched platform. Tipspit in a nutshell, is a community-curated tips collection. You can think of it as a 140-characters Quora-type platform to a certain extent. Tipspit is the brainchild of renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist Rocky Mirza, and aims to […]

Highly recommended WordPress malware removal tool

I had a bit of a nightmare week-end with my website, when I accidentally deleted my blog database (big thanks to my kick arse host, Hostgator for fixing my site in less than no time) followed my an email from Uygar mentioning that my site had been infected.   I can’t even fix my own database […]

A few social, search and mobile trends for 2012

  I am not usually a big fan of prediction posts, particularly when it comes to social, but recently spotted a handful of predictions by industry experts worth mentioning.   Without further ado, here are a handful interesting social, search and mobile trends for 2012. These 3 disciplines are inextricably interlinked, yet too often siloed, […]

Top 5 gadgets/tech of 2011; my picks

I am a bit of a gadget girl and simply couldn’t live without my technology; they help me be more productive on a daily basis.   1) Macbook (13 inch in case you’re wondering)  – this is probably very basic and cliche, but my Mac is my everything! It’s my TV, my sound system, my blogging tool, my […]

Need stock photos? Why not give a go?

The folks at royalty-free photo site have recently given me a one-month trial to review their site and offering. Time for a quick guided tour. I guess the title of the post is pretty self-explanatory, is a royalty-free pictures house, in other words a direct competitor to Getty Images. Their PR mentioned that […]