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Blog Action Day – poverty must end!

Today is Blog Action Day. 10,369 (at time of writing) bloggers, podcasters and videocasters around the world have decided to address today the same topic, poverty, to raise awareness and trigger a discussion.

I live London, one of the coolest cities in the world, but cool has a hefty price-tag… We’ve all complained about Tube fares, our extortionate rent, but we nevertheless still shop till we drop!

We seem to have forgotten the millions of children and pensioners who live in poverty. And as the credit crunch is starting to bite, things will get worse…

So instead of buying that extra gin & tonic tonight, how about donating some of your hard earned pennies to a  worthwhile charity and help end poverty…

Blogtillyoudrop says: Find Me

George Bernard Shaw’s observation that the US and the UK are “two nations divided by a common language’ became reality when I logged onto my Facebook account this morning (see below)

According to my calculations, 51.5001 of Brits would prefer to spell words such as favor or color without the letter ‘U’ as this makes spelling much easier. This figure decreased by 0.129057 compared to the previous year.

Head over there for confirmation of these figures but bear in mind that this website might help you with your quest for the perfect English…

Good luck!

Flickr is now conversational

Observing the organic evolution of online communities is simply fascinating.

I’ve always loved taking photos, which probably explains why I am obsessed with Flickr! Despite my lack of interaction with other Flickr users, I tend check my photo stream many times a day… there is something strangely addicting about Flickr!

It seems that everybody’s doing some design update these days. First Facebook, then Mashable, and Flickr earlier last month joined the redesign craze.

It seems clear that Flickr wants to promote the use of its social features and the best photos from the community, rather than simply using Flickr as an online photo album. The new design succeeds in promoting new content, whilst allowing to keep track of comments, favourite photos and contacts updates.

But most importantly Flickr is now conversational, which is in my opinion the most exiting change that could happen within the Flickr community…

The New York Lolly Cocktail card has arrived!

So I got my Blog cocktail card this morning courtesy Splendid Communications, and I’ll be having a go at making the ‘New York Lolly cocktail’ at the week-end 🙂

I think Splendid Communications did a brilliant job at establishing relationship with the 50 or so bloggers who attended the Bloggers Meet Up on Tuesday, but they also managed to create a lot of buzz around the Smirnoff brand and the Moscow Mule via a variety of online venues such as the London Bloggers own blogs, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook but also YouTube, where you can watch a video of the making of the Moscow Mule.

The real challenge for Splendid, will be to keep their Facebook page an exciting place for its fans.

Once again, thanks for everything guys – I had a blast! 🙂 And remember, a happy blogger is a blogger who will write about your product!

Facebook’s front page gets a face lift

Has anyone logged onto their Facebook this morning? It looks like, Facebook’s front page had a face lift overnight! The new design is very O2!

Interestingly, the homepage states that Facebook now ‘helps us connect and share with the people in our life’. Just wondering whether they’re trying to move away from their Social Utility (as opposed to Social Network) positioning…